Morris | Basic Architecture 2.0 - 품절
저자: Charlotte Fiell , Charlotte Fiell
구분: 원서
발행일: 2018년 01월 01일
정가: 28,000원
페이지: 96 p
ISBN: 978-3-8365-6163-1
판형: 210×260
William Morris was a polymath designer, writer, artist, and socialist activist, associated with England’s Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood as well as Arts and Crafts movement. His prolific design work included tiles, embroidery, tapestries, wallpaper, and carpets and championed handcraftsmanship, natural dyes, “art for all”, and beautiful patterns of subtly stylized natural forms.

William Morris (1834–1896) was one of the greatest creative figures of the 19th century. As a visionary designer, as well as a manufacturer, writer, artist, and socialist activist, he pioneered the Arts and Crafts movement of the Victorian era, and left an extraordinary influence on architecture, textile, and interior design.

This richly illustrated book offers a suitably beautiful introduction to Morris’s colorful life and all aspects of his design work, including interiors, tiles, embroidery, tapestries, carpets, and calligraphy. Though best known in his lifetime as a poet and author, it is these exquisite designs that secured Morris’s posthumous reputation. As page after page dazzles with their beautiful patterns and forms, we explore the pioneering craftsmanship and natural motifs that inspired them, as well as Morris’s remarkable cultural legacy, through British textiles, Bauhaus, and even modern environmentalism.

Basic Architecture 시리즈의 특징
이 시리즈는 타셴의 Basic Architecture의 각 권을 특집화한 것으로, 다음을 담고 있다.

  • 해당 건축가의 생애와 작업에 대한 소개
  • 연대순으로 나열된 주요 작품 소개
  • 의뢰인에 대한 정보, 건축학의 전제조건, 건축학적 문제와 그에 따른 해결법
  • 선별된 작품의 목록과 가장 유명한 건물의 위치를 나타내는 지도
  • 약 120가지의 삽화 포함(사진, 스케치, 초안, 설계도 등)

  • The authors
    Charlotte & Peter Fiell
    have written numerous TASCHEN books, including 1000 Chairs, Design of the 20th Century, Industrial Design A–Z, Scandinavian Design, Designing the 21st Century, Graphic Design for the 21st Century, 1000 Lights, and Contemporary Graphic Design. They have also edited TASCHEN’s Decorative Art series and the 12-volume domus 1928–1999.