70s Cars - 품절
저자: Jim Heimann , Tony Thacker
구분: 원서
발행일: 2006년 02월 일
정가: 14,000원
페이지: 192 p
ISBN: 3-8228-4800-X
판형: 140x195
Cars in the Age of Aquarius

During a decade of tumultuous change that gave us disco and optional 8-track tape decks, the seventies would also witness the demise of muscle cars and the birth of the economy car. And with an influx of imports from Europe and Japan there was more choice than ever. 70s Cars has them all—from luxury models like the Cadillac Eldorado convertable, Chysler Cordoba (with rich Corinthian leather!), and a “smaller” Lincoln Versailles, to fuel-conscious subcompacts like the Pinto, Vega, “Le Car,” and the Datsun 210. Also featured in this collection of over 175 auto advertisements are the AMC Gremlin, Ford Futura, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Plymouth Volaré, Subaru (“not a Japanese Beetle”), and Volkswagen Rabbit.

The editor: Jim Heimann is Executive Editor for TASCHEN America in Los Angeles and the author of numerous books on architecture, popular culture, and Hollywood history.

The author: after working as the editor of Custom Car magazine, Tony Thacker edited and published more than 50 automotive and motorcycle books for Osprey Publishing. He is currently the vice president of Marketing at the SO-CAL Speed Shop in California and has written more than a dozen books.