저자: Gilles Neret
구분: 원서
발행일: 2003년 03월 01일
정가: 13,000원
페이지: 192 p
ISBN: 3-8228-2461-5
판형: 140x195
Something wicked this way comes

Ever since he disguised himself as a snake and tempted Eve with an apple, the devil has been everyone’s favorite villain. Lucifer himself is the star of this book, which contains images of him throughout the history of art. Etchings, woodcuts, paintings, illustrations, drawings, photographs, and advertisements featuring the devil, by the likes of Da Vinci, Bosch, Pierre et Gilles, Giger, and many more, populate the pages of this supremely "evil" book.

The author:
Gilles Néret is an art historian, journalist, and writer. He is the editor of TASCHEN'S catalogues raisonnés of the works of Monet and Velázquez, as well as the author of Erotica Universalis.